Sweatnetworking: A Little Sweat-Equity Has Never Hurt Nobody

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Cultivating business deals over a little sweat seems to have replaced meetings over lunch.

Sweatworking, as it's called, is exactly what it sounds like: networking while you sweat it out in the gym versus a traditional meet-and-greet over drinks. Its popularity is increasing as more professionals jump to crush quick workouts and close deals at the same time.


A growing number of fitness studios and gyms offer sweatworking events to meet, mix, and mingle, and some employers are using it as a recruiting tool to help attract highly-skilled employees.


Besides burning calories and building business, sweatworking offers a few more great benefits:


1. Time Saver & Budget Friendly: “Across the United States, over $25 million is wasted per day on meetings that just aren't necessary. Each year, this results in $37 billion thrown away on meetings that simply aren't productive.” Time is a precious commodity in any business. Working out and conducting a business meeting at the same time can be a major plus toward saving company dollars.


2. Sweat it Out and Leave Everything At the Gym: Whether you are going an extra mile on the treadmill, managing a difficult yoga pose, or even dancing it out at an intense Zumba class, potential clients want to know that you are up for a challenge. Can you handle the pressure? With sweatworking, clients see your tenacity, drive, and gumption as you push yourself to the limit, which proves your strong will, can-do attitude and total commitment to getting the job done well, and by any means necessary.


3. A Bond over Blood, Sweat, & Tears: Regardless if the business deal pans out or not, completing an intense workout with someone creates a sense of connection, a strong bond formed from finishing what you started together. Having this shared experience builds unity, and it will likely create a lifelong friendship.


In addition, sweatworking takes the pressure off of trying to force a connection over lunch and drinks. People are more likely to let their guard down, loosen up, and be more willing to exchange ideas -- and close deals -- after getting in a good workout.

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