Abyah Nycole Wynn - Young Venture Capitalist Paving The Way For Other Minorities

Things are changing for women in the startup and venture capital world, but are Black women taking notice?


Wisdom From Experience You Should Definitely Apply To Your Life Now

Sue Lynham had been around a time or two, and as a former divorce lawyer for over 30 years, she shares life lessons that are a bit hard to pass up.

The number of businesses owned by Black women has been on a steady climb.
A woman on a deliberate mission Jo Ann Jenkinshas the ability to shape, redefine and leverage how business does business.


Shana Renee Stephenson is a phenom of a woman who is just as passionate about sports as she is her fashion.
In a humorous 3-minute video that features Taraji P. Henson is creating a worth-wild shopping experience.
Many entrepreneurs tread the long, sometimes exhausting journey to raise startup capital, and getting it is easier said than done.



The Dirty 30 -  Here's Life Lessons To Learn Before Your Get There

In the daily journey of living, we all should come to the realization that life happens and goes on -- rather an active participant or an on-looker.


Kim Lewis' Ole’ Orleans Joins the 1% of Black Women-Owned Wine Companies

Kim Lewis is an example of when one door closes, you open another one, and if that one closes, too, then you find a way to open your own.

Cheryl McKissack Daniel is the definition of what we, here at IAmPMAG, deem a true ‘Steel Toe Stiletto’.
Sometimes life gets in the way of living, while we try our damnedest to hold our heads above water.



Stacy Brown-Philpot Views on Being a Black Woman in Silicon Valley

There aren’t many Black women in high positions, but when we are, people take notice. Meet Stacy Brown-Philpot, a Detroit native who studied at Penn and Stanford, then worked her way up to the very top.


Black Women’s Equal Pay Day: Attempting to Closing the Gap

On average, how long does it take a Black woman to work, just to match the pay of a white male doing the same job?