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Must-Try Skincare Collections by Taraji P. Henson, Winnie Harlow Are Here!

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Skin Care

Taraji P. Henson is now focusing on our bodies after giving us Peace of Mind.

With the introduction of Body by TPH, a skincare line to complement her two-year-old TPH by Taraji haircare line, the actress, producer, and entrepreneur's quest to promote self-care has gone beyond the surface.

Henson's new line, which debuts with 13 products, including a body wash, creams, oils, and body butters, as well as a variety of candles, was revealed to WWD's Beauty Inc., according to WWD. In contrast to Henson's texture-focused haircare line, which debuted at Target in early 2020, the Body by TPH premiere collection is meant for all skin types and is only offered at Walmart, with prices ranging from $8.97 to $11.97.

In a statement, Henson says that her brand builds on the self-care philosophy she has been advocating in recent years. “I wanted to take care of myself from head to toe when we talked about self-care,” she admitted. "I always envisioned that scenario. In order to make you feel like you're in a spa, we wanted to highlight products with reasonable prices, opulent-looking packaging, and spa-like fragrances.”

According to WWD, the brand also contains lactic acid and niacinamide, two popular skincare ingredients usually found in more expensive products. Henson claimed that she wanted to "deliver luxurious products to people, at an affordable price and with an emphasis on self-care" in addition to bringing the luxury spa experience to a primarily homebound audience (because to the ongoing pandemic).

Henson is not the only well-known person entering the cosmetics industry. Supermodel Winnie Harlow debuted Cay Skin, her own line of sunscreen, at Sephora. The company has the distinction of being AI-powered and was co-founded and incubated through author-entrepreneur Kim Perell's

As someone with vitiligo, Harlow said, "I wanted to create Cay Skin for all those people who have sensitive skin, who have vitiligo, who are pale, dark, or whatever color under the sun. Kim and the team have provided me an excellent platform to produce this range of goods.

"They supported me at every stage, from product conception to production and from funding to marketing. Most significantly, their AI platform provided us with the information and market insights we needed to comprehend the market gaps left unfilled by conventional skin care firms.”

Claire, a company-exclusive AI technology, was used to create Cay Skin through Technology was used to construct a brand that matched both Harlow's vision and market demands by analyzing millions of retail data signals and beauty trends. Additionally, the platform evaluates customer product reviews and converts the findings into suggestions for formulations and packaging.

Harlow said, "I'm enthusiastic about sun care, but the beauty industry is such a saturated field. Learning what drives consumers' passion for skin care, as well as what they love and don't, gave me confidence in the products we were developing together. Our ability to design things that people will adore was made possible by these insights.”

All of the brand's original products are vegan, silicone-free, reef safe, and certified carbon neutral, along with being certified carbon neutral. Cay Skin also collaborates with the LA-based NGO A Place Called Home, where Harlow has mentored and delivered speeches. A launch is only a small part of the Cay Skin tale, though.

Not only did Harlow land a coveted space on Sephora's shelves, but she also made history by becoming "one of only 100 Black female innovators to have secured more than $1 million in venture capital," according to WWD, while creating and raising money for Cay Skin. Although the statistic is concerning, as Harlow noted: "What I drew from that is that I really want to make that number bigger, not just with myself but to figure out methods to support and empower other women, other Black women and women of color."

Cay Skin and Body by TPH are offered by Sephora and Walmart, respectively.

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