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Having Perfectly Clear Skin At All Times Is ‘Just Not Normal,’ Says Keke Palmer

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Skin Care

When it comes to her skin-care issues and battles with adult acne, Keke Palmer is an open book.

According to Palmer, her desire to demystify and humanize her experiences stems from her honesty and transparency regarding her complexion, especially in light of the social demands placed on celebrities to be "perfect."

In a recent interview with People, Palmer added, "I share because I think a lot of people think I'm flawless, or they might assume that things are simple for me. So, for me, being open with people stems from a want to let them know that, hey, I'm going through this too. By the way, perhaps you can assist me, offer me some guidance, or provide me with some information," she said.

Palmer has long been open about her experience with acne, particularly on her social media platforms. The Hustlers actress posted several naked selfies on Instagram in December 2020 that display her acne and acne scars. Palmer stated in the caption of her post that PCOS is the primary reason for her acne.

According to the Mayo Clinic, PCOS is a hormonal condition that affects a lot of women who are fertile. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, although symptoms begin about the time a woman reaches her reproductive years, it is a lifelong illness that affects up to five million women in the US. According to the Cleveland Clinic, excessive androgen production is a frequent sign of PCOS and can lead to excessive facial and body hair as well as severe acne, as in Palmer's case.

"Because of social media and what we consider to be visually beautiful, a lot of the time it can feel like the norm is to have completely flawless skin," Palmer explained. "Not everyone has skin that is completely clear. It's just not right. I believe it is crucial to normalize the texture of skin and skin flaws,” she continued.

Palmer also provided skin-care advice that has assisted her in controlling her outbreaks. She prioritizes simplicity. In a recent interview, she stated, "I try not to have, like, a 15-product plan type of deal."

"The same is true of my makeup. I make a lot of efforts to keep things straightforward. I try not to do too much,” she stated. Palmer did not specify the specific items she uses, but she did explain that her routine asks for "natural and lightweight" treatments, such as a cleanser, sunscreen, retinol, and an exfoliation.

Although the Disney star currently uses a simple skincare regimen, she acknowledged that reading daily affirmations to herself is one of the most significant aspects of her self-care routine. She frequently reminds herself, "[I] accept myself and love myself as I am right now."

"That means assisting myself as much as I can with anything that I feel like I'm suffering with or that I'm scared about," she said. "Knowing that it's ok that I'm not perfect at the end of the day. Additionally, I should learn to appreciate myself wherever I am."

Palmer's candor is reassuring, especially in a society when people are constantly exposed to seemingly flawless pictures of superstars. It serves as a nice reminder to be kind to yourself and to others and that it's acceptable to not have smooth, acne-free skin.

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