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'Yielding Accomplished African Women' Seeks $1M to Bring Black Women to STEM

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Tech Noire

Diana Wilson seeks to increase the representation of Black women in disciplines related to STEM.

She created Yielding Accomplished Black Women (Yaa W). The group, according to MSN, seeks out and supports Black women who are studying finance and technology in college. Wilson is currently seeking $1 million to give these women the resources they require to pursue careers in the STEM fields of engineering, space exploration, food science, and mathematics.

Beyond its charity designation, Wilson is apparently establishing a group to support the next generation of women to pursue leadership positions in STEM fields. Yaa W bills itself as a global center for the development of women's abilities and claims to provide training and opportunities for employment with Fortune 500 firms for women.

The help is necessary, and the recent trend is toward STEM fields. Black Enterprise said that even though the largest job growth is expected in those disciplines between now and 2030, just 28% of the STEM workforce is female, 7% of it is black, and 6% of it is Latinx/Hispanic.

An investigation reveals that although the STEM workforce has allegedly grown quickly in recent years, Black and Hispanic employees are still underrepresented in STEM positions relative to their percentage of the U.S. workforce.

Aside from that, the data reveals that the representation of women varies considerably within the occupational categories that make up the STEM sector. Women are overrepresented in the health sector compared to their 47% workforce participation, while they are underrepresented in the computing and engineering sectors.

In just three years, Wilson's organization is said to have trained over 700 young African women, and she already has a sizable social media following. She claims that her group has the support of reputable businesses including Google, Bank of America, MTN, IBM, and the Corporate Finance Institute.

In terms of expansion, Yaa W is said to work with women all over the world, particularly in Africa and the US. By 2030, Wilson wants to increase that to 30,000 women, according to MSN. According to the information provided, the goal of her fundraising is to build a professional networking and training platform for Black college women.

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