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Lou Llobell Flips Script, Showcases Black Women In STEM Powerful ‘Foundation’ Role

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Tech Noire

Foundation on Apple TV+ stars Lou Llobell as a math genius poised to save the world.

The London-based beauty discusses her role as a Black woman in STEM and how vital it is for women of color to be represented in STEM fields. Llobell talked about playing Gaal Dornick, a character from her streaming saga's book series who was originally a white male.

She is an excellent role model for girls. Lou Llobell has a warmth that makes you want her to succeed. It's in her heart, eyes and approach. She wants to spread good, and it shows.

Nevertheless, Llobell resembles Dornick in that they both seem like they emerged from nowhere. The character jumps into the spotlight after winning a galaxy-wide math competition. Foundation’s Gaal is Llobell’s first major role; when the sci-fi epic began, Llobell's IMDb page only had two other jobs on it.

It's a huge deal for any actor, but even more so for a new one. Isaac Asimov's popular 1950s book series is being made into a movie, and it's been a long time in the making. Even though the show is about how the Galactic Empire will be overthrown, Llobell's Gaal is vital to the events that follow. Salvor Hardin, played by Leah Harvey, defends an isolated village from invasion.

Sadly, not everyone can rejoice. Many racists dislike the fact that two white male characters are now women of color.

Rising above it all, the actress leans into praises like "my 12-year-old daughter is seeing someone like herself on-screen and thank you so much."

“You know what it's like not to see yourself if you're a Zimbabwean-Spanish child who grew up in South Africa. I don't think I grew up seeing many people like me in these roles," she says.

Even more intriguing, she thinks Gaal's hairstyles illustrate how she's changed between the first season and now while filming the second. “Because I've experienced issues with my hair, I wear it as a work of art.”

Her mother has locs, unlike Llobell's. She found her self-worth on YouTube. “Learning to do your own hair at a young age is akin to maturing. Style your hair, take your time, and embrace it.”

Llobell also expresses herself through her clothing and “adores fashion.”

“I cry," she says when she goes for a fitting. Luckily for us, she also loves Foundation and Gaal. “I like the tales. I adore him. I have a Gaal tattoo!” She grins with joy at the prospects for her character’s future.

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