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The Black Women in Tech Using Their Influence to Help More of Us Get Started

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Step Into STEM

Black women breaking into tech is an accomplishment to celebrate, but what makes it even bigger is how they raise up others.

In the age of social media, underrepresented groups are sharing their experiences and using their platforms to create a domino effect of Black talent sending in resumes and signing employment offers.

Here are some Black women tech influencers working with Google, Meta, and Microsoft to bring more of the community on board.

Theresa Sue @resasue

Theresa, or "Your fave techie," is an MLB technology project manager who uses what she's learned to empower others. The IT job coach helps her social media followers succeed and achieve six figures in the profession. Having over 150,000 TikTok followers involves generating continuous content, and she does so by proving there's room for everyone to eat. Theresa dabbles in social media humor, but tech bag security comes first.

Rawan @rawanog

Rawan is a techie living her best life and aiding marginalized communities. When she's not working for Meta, she's advising Black techies on how to land their dream job, where to find useful resources, and how to ace job interviews. Rawan is also a pro Instagram travel guide.

Maya Bello @maya_loves_code

Maya's ethos is that everyone can learn to code. The Intuit and Slack software engineer maintains a YouTube channel with coding tutorials. Her TikTok offers step-by-step coding instructions, helpful resources, and her software engineer experience.

Hosanna Hali @thetechcornr

Her profile says, "I assist women secure IT." The self-proclaimed fairy tech mother is an Azure Specialist at Microsoft and encourages folks without technical backgrounds or degrees to pursue professions in computing. The Londoner has a YouTube channel where she solves novice IT questions.

Cedoni Francis @cedonifrancis

Cedoni is a Google star in NYC. The 23-year-old is inspo for young Black talent that desires to balance a 9-5 with content creation. Cedoni's candid chronicle of her life shows that being a Black woman in IT is hard work, but also fun.

Betty Lulseged @thevocaljrnl

Betty was an Apple engineering project manager before joining Microsoft. The tech and lifestyle content creator seeks to help her fans succeed. She promotes IT jobs, free certifications, and Q&As for budding techies. Betty is a tech-focused TikTok comic and influencer.

Tia Lee @tialeeapproved

Tia hosts for techies and creatives. Website designers can help you host your stuff online. She earned a computer science degree from MSU and started at Google the next year.

Kedasha Kerr

Kedasha is a must-read for software engineers. Digital creators are a light on the platform, whether they're discussing software development or empowering others. Kedasha is paying it forward for people who desire to follow in her footsteps through video material, free internet tools, and blog postings.

Jasmine Bortters @jasthecreative_

Jasmine became a video content project manager at Microsoft with no tech experience. She was featured in Business Insider for her inspiring story of post-college tenacity. The Microsoft employee drops professional advice on social media when she's not working.

Alexis Walker @alexisnwalkerr

Alexis is one of the few Black women in neuroscience. Her efforts to represent black girls in STEM are shown in her TikTok videos. The cognitive neuroscientist's vlog series features work, study tips, and motivating subtitles.

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