Phenom Chaunacey’ Khaliyah: The Epitome of Phenomenal Perfection

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Modeling has been a lifelong dream for Chaunacey’ Khaliyah. Now "Perfection" has become the epitome of Phenomenal, Magnificent & Gorgeous!

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Model:  Chaunacey’ Khaliyah

Instagram: @luhh.liyahhh

Age: 19

Photographer: Craig Alexander

Instagram: @byCraigAlexander


Stylist: Deidre’ LaShon

Location: Atlanta

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Chaunacey’ Khaliyah's lifelong dream has been to a fashion model, and she started her strut toward destiny at a very early age -- she began modeling and walking the runway at 7-years old.

Yet on top of her incredible looks and elegance, Chaunacey’ is also very well-rounded. She lettered in varsity track, was inducted into the National Honor Society, and she is also on the Dean’s List. 

She was nicknamed, “Perfection” (yes, that is really her nickname), and it may sound very presumptuous at first. But, it was clearly and deservedly given to her by CEO Maurice-LaMar Baldwin.

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When you look at all of the preceding commentary about Chaunacey’ and combine it with a person who is extremely very unselfish -- and loves in a capacity like no other -- It is very easy to see why he gave her the name "Perfection.”

So, when it came time to launch the NEW UPGRADED VERSION OF Phenomenal Mag (IAmPMAG), there was only one person who came to mind -- the epitome of PHENOMENAL, MAGNIFICENT & GORGEOUS! herself.

Chaunacey’ Khaliyah!

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