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So Fresh, So Clean & Traveling: Bring Biodegradable Bed & Bath Linens from B Luxury Essentials

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Some hotels are just nasty. Sometimes, even at the nicest hotels, the linens aren't changed or cleaned thoroughly. Bridget Francis, a native of New Orleans and serial entrepreneur, had this problem and set out to solve it.

Francis, who calls herself a "germaphobe," began bringing her own linens whenever she went on the road. To make matters worse, the additional weight and associated fees were not acceptable. After seeing the market lacked attractive disposable bath and bed linens, she established her own line, B Luxury Essentials.

The pandemic served as the impetus for the launch of B Luxury Essentials, which has since been wildly successful. The store carries all the essentials for a clean and comfortable trip away, including biodegradable bedding, towels, and even toilet seat coverings!

Francis is on a mission to ensure the health and safety of other female travelers as the first Black woman to create a firm dedicated to providing hygienic solutions for those on the go.

She recently chatted with Travel Noire about how NOLA shaped her outlook as an entrepreneur, and her path from running a daycare to starting her own line of hygienic travel products.

TN: How did your New Orleans foundation fuel your passion for business?

BF: Being from New Orleans will teach you to fend for yourself and to be resourceful. It's just how we are made.

My mother's lack of time off as a result of her constant work ethic was a major factor in my decision to pursue entrepreneurship. When I became a mother, I always claimed I wanted things to be different. My goal was to be that mom who never missed a school play or recital. My kid has benefited from seeing that while I do work to care for our family, I also have the freedom to pursue my own interests and pursue my own goals.

Although I now call Houston home, I still carry a New Orleans attitude.

TN: What led you from owning and operating a daycare to founding B Luxury Essentials?

BF: I adore young people. I had always intended to participate in B Luxury, but I kept putting it off. I didn't have time to waste when the pandemic struck, so that was the right time for me to launch B Luxury Essentials. The number of children brought to daycare dropped as their parents stayed at home.

I had to close the childcare when I opened B Luxury Essentials. I hope to reopen the daycare someday, but B Luxury has taken off and it's too busy for now.

In all honesty, I didn't think B Luxury would become as popular as it has. I wanted to stop having to bring my own bedding and towels on trips. I've only ever used social media to promote B Luxury Essentials, but it's been quite effective.

TN: What kind of mark do you want B Luxury Essentials to make on the industry?

BF: I hope that by spreading awareness, people would learn to take greater precautions when traveling. It's estimated that thousands of individuals are checking in and out of hotels every day. There is a widespread lack of workers across many sectors right now, but the hotel industry in particular is feeling the pinch. The current workload may prevent them from providing optimal cleaning services.

TN: Can you name some items that you simply can't leave home without?

BF: Of course, I can't live without my B Luxury Essentials bedding, towels, and commode covers. Not to mention my vitamins, Lysol, antibacterial soap, and wipes.

TN: Where can we find more about you and B Luxury Essentials?

BF: Our B Luxury Essentials website is open for business. Follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn. Like B. Luxe Essentials on Facebook and Twitter!

Email me at if you want to chat.

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