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Own the Room-and Your Mood-With These Certified, Confidence-Building Mind Hacks

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Mogul Mindset

You don't automatically possess confidence. It's a skill that we develop daily via consistent practice, just like the muscles in your body.

Long-term confidence-building efforts can be aided by a variety of strategies, including adopting optimistic thinking and being aware of your ideals.

Nevertheless, there are occasions when we must project confidence in the here and now. Here are some favorite psychological gimmicks to appear and feel more assured in front of others:

1. Disprove negative beliefs

We frequently assume things about our skill gaps without even recognizing it.

As a result of your childhood feelings of shyness, let's say you now feel as though you would be terrible at speaking in front of others. The team presentation request from your supervisor, therefore, feels like the end of the world.

In order to combat your self-defeating ideas, turn them around. Simply telling yourself each day that you are a great public speaker and that others want to hear your views can accomplish this.

You should continue saying it aloud or in your brain. You'll discover that you're more organized and less nervous.

2. Don't use the expressions "I think" or "I'm not sure."

Replace flimsy language with statements that will help you come across as a more accomplished and professional person.

Never begin or conclude a sentence with "I think" or "I'm not sure" when speaking to others. Instead, use the phrase "I believe," which places the focus on you and exudes a sense of calm assurance.

You also come off as less assured when you use other words like "in my view." Remove the needless introductions and get to the point.

3. Think back to an occasion when you felt confident

Try imagining yourself going back in time to a situation where you were at your most energized, focused, and successful just before you do anything that makes you feel anxious.

In your thoughts, go over the event. You were doing what? Who was there? How were people responding to you? What emotions did it leave you with?

Back in the present, bring that confidence and great energy to your next actions.

4. Disconnect from social media

Spending time online and comparing oneself to others is quite easy. But keep in mind that not all of the posts or videos you encounter accurately reflect reality. Life is not perfect for anyone.

Self-belief, self-awareness, and acceptance of your current position in your personal path all contribute to confidence. It's tough to see your accomplishments clearly when you're comparing yourself to those who only share the "glamorous" aspects of their lives.

If you're preparing to undertake a tough task or are feeling insecure, avoid using social media during those times. Get a journal and start writing about the accomplishments you're proud of.

5. Dress in a way that makes you feel powerful

Each of us has "that outfit", clothing item or even piece of jewelry that makes us feel powerful and magnificent. When you want to quickly increase your confidence or when your day is mundane, break out these items and wear them.

According to studies, what we are wearing can influence how we think. Both your performance and other people's perceptions of you may improve as a result.

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