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Serve Your Nails a Striking, Sexy Upgrade with This Simple DIY Ombre' Manicure

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Makeup & Nails

The majority of us adore getting our nails done, and why not? Manicures give them flair, and they’re bold, fun, and sexy.

Furthermore, there’s a fashionable, striking, and lovely nail design to showcase every personality, skin tone, nail shape, and zodiac sign; you can select a soft pastel nail polish or the brightest, brilliant hues.

The ultimate, though? You can add your own twist with an ombré design on your nails to give them even more oomph.

If you want to create the look at home, all you need is two of your favorite nail polish hues and a blending sponge - like the one you use for your makeup. Do you want the best and trendiest nail art that you can easily produce at home or have professionally done by your neighborhood nail salon? If you said yes, you will adore ombre manicures.

What are ombré nails?

Let's begin by defining ombré nails and determining whether the buzz is even justified. Ombré nails are an upgrade over selecting a single nail polish since they have gentler gradients of your favorite colors.

When choosing an ombré nail design, you have two options: either choose different nail colors OR choose various tones of the same nail paint. It’s a sensual manicure that effortlessly bridges the gap between basic nail polish application and full-fledged, outrageous nail art.

If you don't feel like going to the salon or just don't have the time to make an appointment, you can easily go DIY at home.

Additionally, ombré nail colors are the best method to get rid of the boring blues and let you experiment with your favorite hues without having to worry about your nails turning out horribly.

The bennies of going ombré

First off, why choose just one nail polish when you can create the best ombré manicure patterns that combine your favorite colors? Don't you want to suddenly transform your boring and plain nail art into something dazzling and fabulous?

We already know that ombré's quirky gradation of colors, which go from dark to light to bright, has made it extremely popular in both hair and fashion. Now, though, this manicure style is giving your nails a diva-like boost by tastefully altering them, too.

Every fashion- or trend-conscious woman is aware that dressing up from head to toe literally demands strict attention to every small detail, including your nails. Whether you realize it or not, your nails are quite important in projecting a stylish image of yourself. Therefore you should definitely dress them up as well.

So ladies, it's time to throw away your boring, soulless nails and choose gorgeous new ones with an original, fun, and creative twist via an ombré manicure!

Who looks best with ombré nails?

…and what nail shapes will they accommodate?

Anybody can wear an ombré manicure design, regardless of their personality, skin tone, or nail shape.

‘How-To’ do your at-home, DIY ombré manicure:

  1. Start by thoroughly cleaning your fingernails. Make sure to remove any previous nail polish.
  2. After that, cut and shape your nails to the appropriate length and form. Use a file to smooth them for a nice finish. Additionally, push back your cuticles to lengthen your nail beds.
  3. Begin by painting a clear base coat on each of your nails. This will also extend the lifespan of your manicure by lowering the likelihood that your nail polish may chip early, as well as help to protect your natural nails from getting stained by the polish.
  4. After your clear base coat has dried, start your ombré effect by picking a light nail color. Starting with a lighter nail shade -- or one closer to your skin tone -- can make the overall appearance of the nail polishes significantly brighter and eye-catching. Choose closer nail color pairings like white and pink, neutral and brown, gray and white, etc. if you want to achieve a gentler ombré appearance.
    Note: Apply two coats of your base color if you want an opaque (non-see-through) look. Allow the first layer to dry thoroughly before adding the second coat -- don’t rush the process! Two light coatings is much better than applying one heavy layer.
  5. Apply with a makeup sponge. Apply the additional nail colors you'll be using to achieve your desired ombré look with your nail paint brush. Apply the nail polishes in parallel, closely spaced horizontal or vertical lines. Now, be sure to spread the polish evenly on your makeup sponge and apply at least two to three coats so that your entire nail is covered.
  6. To achieve the ideal ombré appearance, simply stamp the cosmetic sponge on your nail roughly two to three times, dabbing it on gently. Ensure that you also include the sides of the fingernails.
  7. Continue this procedure on each nail. After that, give the paint enough time to dry completely.
  8. After checking that the paint has dried completely with a quick tap with your fingertips, add a fresh top coat of clear polish. Again, for a smoother finished appearance, two coats are always preferable to one.
  9. Lastly, for polished, attractive, and seductive nails, clean the area around your nails with a Q-tip. Voila!

One of the most popular nail trends right now is an ombre manicure. You can use your imagination, combine and contrast your favorite colors, experiment with nail accessories, and have a lot of fun.

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