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How to Find Your Perfect Nude Lip & Bless Your Sun-Kissed Melanin to the Gods

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Makeup & Nails

Without a doubt, the most dependable lipstick color to ever bless the beauty industry is nude.

Everybody agrees on its versatile capacity to meld with any season, beauty trend, and outfit, from celebrities to beauty influencers to the girl next door. Additionally, there is a shade for every skin tone and preference available in nude lipsticks' wide range of hues.

The decision of which nude lipstick best suits a woman's skin tone can occasionally be a struggle for many ladies. Although trying on the lipstick is the simplest approach to determine which hue suits you best, in some cases it may not be possible. When shopping online, for instance, it is not really viable to evaluate the hue against your skin. Examining what works for others is an additional avenue to consider, however. That is to say, if you see a nude lipstick shade on a celebrity or influencer whose skin tone most closely like yours, chances are excellent that you will also look well in that shade.

What happens, though, if you find that approach ineffective? Choose nude tones with a peach basis if you have a neutral or slightly darker complexion. Choose brown-toned nude lipsticks if you have a dark or brown complexion. Choosing hues with a warm undertone that resembles your own skin tone is crucial as well. In addition, stay away from colors that are paler than your skin.

In light of the foregoing, here are some gorgeous, classic, and inspiring nude lipstick tips as well as some useful beauty advice. You’re welcome!

Check out these captivating ideas for slaying with nude lipstick:

  • Tip #1: Regardless of shade, metallic eyeshadow looks great with sheer matte lipstick. Follow Janet Jackson's lead and choose the appropriate lipstick hue and silver metallic eyeshadow in a cut-crease design.
  • Tip #2 If your outfit has numerous decorations, why not use a bare-lipped lip color to bring the whole thing together? By taking the low-key approach with your lips, you can maintain the drama's beautiful looks without coming out as obtrusive.
  • Tip #3: Add some color to your face by putting on vivid eyes as different nude lipstick hues look good when they are complemented with color.
  • Tip #4: Despite the fact that matte lipsticks appear to have grabbed the lead in the beauty world, gloss is always welcome. So go ahead and add a little gloss to your bare pout to up the ante.
  • Tip #5: Use two different hues of nude lipstick to create a distinctive look if you want to have some creative fun with your appearance. Apply the darker shade to your lips' outer corners in the same way that Sabrina Elba did, then the lighter shade to the middle of the party. Amazing!
  • Bonus Tip: For a daily makeup-"free" appearance, nude lipstick works great. Full, well-groomed brows are the best method to give your doll-up some edge, keeping in mind that the idea is to play the subdued card without coming off as boring. Add some more flair to your haircut as well. Of course, mediocrity has no place here.

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