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Brooklyn's Black Women-Owned The Laq Lab Is a Much-Needed Self-Care Sabbatical

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Makeup & Nails

Many visitors to New York City go there to see the city's famous attractions, but there's another spectacular reason to visit.

The Laq Lab in New York City is a luxury marvel that we can all look forward to experiencing.

New Yorkers are likely familiar with The Laq Lab, a virally popular manicure salon known for its stunning design.

This Park Slope, Brooklyn, manicure parlor is the epitome of relaxation, and it is owned and operated by Black women.

Luxury Launched This Summer

As of this past July, the area has been graced with the presence of the Laq Lab, which is a truly wonderful addition. As soon as you step inside, your eyes are met with a visual extravaganza.

Wet Your Palette

What would you rather drink, a Bellini or water? Relax with a rose pedicure or liven up your day with a new manicure—the option is yours.

On the Menu

This is a premium nail salon that caters to kids of all ages, from the young to the not-so-young. They are experts in Apres Gel X and nail art.

Professional nail artists may make your nails photo-ready with the help of airbrush designs, charms, pearls, stickers, rhinestones, and more. There are even lab-made nail paints available for purchase at the salon.

The Laq Lab's nail services are not cheap (about $160 each visit), but the salon's unique atmosphere and stylish decor, combined with the high quality of its technicians' work, make the price worthwhile.

The nicest part is that it is owned and run by two hip young Black women named Lawren and  Tasama.

Customers can schedule appointments with The Laq Lab online, and the business is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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