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​​Post-Gym & Beyond, Sunday II Sunday's Wash Day System Helps Maintain Your Hair

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The Wash Day System, a brand-new collection, has been launched by Sunday II Sunday, the athleisure hair care line owned by Infinite Looks.

The users of this new collection will receive a complete wash day reset and scalp care. The line includes Sunday II Sunday's brand-new shampoo and conditioner in addition to their renowned scalp balancing scrub. Since the company's first introduction, these products are the first new ones to be released under the name. The Wash Day System will be offered at a few select partner retailers as well as online at in the near future.

Created to work in conjunction with the Moisture Balance Kit, the Wash Day System cleans and replenishes the hair between wash days and offers a thorough cleansing and rejuvenation for the hair and scalp at the conclusion of the wash cycle. The kit's products are all made with Sunday II Sunday's own Active Recovery Complex, which gets rid of sweat-related accumulation, itching, and irritation.

The Active Recovery Complex's ingredients include papaya extract, which helps remove accumulation of dead skin, probiotics, which help develop barriers and reduce inflammation, and green keratin, which strengthens and elastizes hair. The products are made to reduce inflammation, repair damage already done, and restore scalp health through regular use.

“The Wash Day System will complete our customers' routine from weekly activity to rest and recovery day,” declares Keenan Beasley, CEO and Founder of Sunday II Sunday. "Ever since our initial launch with the Moisture Balance Kit, we've had a vision of the Wash Day System as being the perfect complement," he added.

"We were extremely careful while choosing the components for these products to ensure that they would not only produce the best effects but would also gradually improve the condition of the scalp and hair. With this launch, we're introducing something to the market that I'm really proud of."

The brand's newest product, the Signature Scalp Balancing Sugar Scrub, just debuted. Earlier this year in Q2, Ulta first introduced the Signature Scalp Balancing Shampoo and Signature Replenishing Conditioner. Papaya extract, unrefined sugar crystals, and peppermint oil, which reduce inflammation and add moisture, are all ingredients in the Scalp Balancing Sugar Scrub. The Scalp Balancing Shampoo's cleansing and barrier-calming effects are increased when the scrub is used first.

Customers may buy the Wash Day System via Sunday II Sunday's partner retailers, which include Ulta and Sephora, or online at Please visit for more details about the company and all of its products.

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