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Kill Your Workout, Not Your Hair with Nicole Ari Parker’s Style-Saving Gymwrap

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Some may find it weird to argue that your physical health should take precedence over your hair. Having to choose between the two is a thing of the past according to actress Nicole Ari Parker.

According to a 2013 survey, 40% of Black women avoid exercise because of their hair. This is just one more illustration of the many additional obligations that society places on the hair of Black women.

"Well, Babe, let's go for a walk, my hubby said. Let's go running on the sand. And I kept putting my hair above my wellbeing. Then I reasoned, "Surely there's a way to have both?" Parker stated in a conversation with Essence.

Parker discusses in the interview where she got the idea for the Gymwrap, which she made in her kitchen. She was in a predicament and was certain that she wasn't in it by herself.

"I began to seriously consider other Black ladies who sport various haircuts. It must accommodate every step of our hair journey, said Parker. "Some days I wear a braid, some days I wear a twist out, and other days I receive a silk wrap.

Through the use of special textiles, The Gymwrap maximizes sweat absorption while allowing heat to escape. You may workout without harming your hair thanks to this.

Both Walmart and Sally's carry the Gymwrap. Parker recently concluded a deal with REI, a big outdoor recreation retailer, to mark a significant victory.

She claimed that because black women are less active than any other demographic, they die more frequently. In the end, I want to make it simpler to assist in assisting us in living longer, healthier lives.

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