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Brooklyn Welcomes the Opening of the Selfie Museum & Black Hair Experience

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Hair

Brooklyn now has access to the Black Hair Experience. For its premiere in New York City, the interactive selfie museum has partnered with the hair care line Dark and Lovely.

Alisha Brooks, a visual artist who started The Black Hair Experience in 2020 with photographer Elizabeth Austin-Davis, said, "We always felt we needed to open a location in New York."

The Black Hair Experience is an art exhibition that aims to celebrate Black hair in all of its varieties. It began in Atlanta and has since traveled to the Washington, D.C., area, Dallas, Los Angeles, and now Brooklyn. This marks the exhibit's eighth site to date.

According to Brooks, "If we were going to create something in a new region, it has to be in Brooklyn because of the influence that New York has had on Black hair and Black culture in general.”

The Black Hair Experience's Brooklyn pop-up, which consists of more than 15 installations and offers guests a variety of photo opportunities, debuts to the public on Friday at 630 Flushing Avenue and will be on display there for the following three months.

A colorful mock hair salon, handcrafted swings supported by large braids, locs, and twists, and a room covered in vintage Ebony, HypeHair, and Essence magazine covers featuring celebrities like Beyoncé, Oprah, Naomi Campbell, and Vanessa Williams are just a few of the Instagram-worthy installations visitors can immerse themselves in.

The assistance of our community, according to Brooks, is what fuels our success. "A lot of [our execution] comes from just talking to other Black women about their experiences and the best memories of their hair journeys — those experiences are what we're trying to take and convert into different activations,"

The show, which costs $32 for public entry and $52 for VIP access and comes with a goodie bag filled with goods from partner and Black hair care brand Dark and Lovely, is decorated with encouraging statements all over the walls.

Tenaj Ferguson, marketing director for Dark and Lovely, said in a statement, "We're proud to cooperate with TBHE in celebrating Black hair, the love we have for radical self expression and self acceptance. We are unified in our desire to engage with Black customers and powerful voices to recognize and magnify Black beauty, Black history, and self expression through hair color."

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