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Black Sisters & Salon Owners Unveil All-Natural, Moisturizing Hair Products

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Glynnis and Shelly Smith are two sisters who run a successful hair salon in Kansas City, Missouri.

They help tens of thousands of people all over the world take care of their hair. They also started a hair care line called Meme Natural You, which is a mix of their Guyanese-American culture and their strength as women. Their product line is made up of exotic ingredients that come from plants and botanicals found in their home country, the Amazonian rainforest in South America. They also use their many hours of professional hair care experience in the field to make their products.

As kids growing up in Guyana, they didn't have access to hair care products sold in stores, so they made their own using things they found in nature.

The two sisters say, "We came from a simple background and lived a simple life in Guyana and after we moved to the United States, but we always hoped to start our own business. As kids, our parents taught us to be honest and to work hard, as well as to have strong family values. We still live our lives and run our business based on these same values."

In November 2013, while they were sleeping in their family home, carbon monoxide almost killed them and ended their dream. If a family member hadn't been able to get out of the house and call for help, they all would have died. The Fire Marshall said that the level of carbon monoxide in the house was more than 40 times higher than what was safe.

"My sister Glynnis, myself, and two other family members were rescued by firefighters and taken to the hospital in critical condition. We woke up in the hospital and were thankful that God had spared our lives and given us a chance to get through a terrible event," said Shelly.

"Today, our passion has grown into a full-service brick-and-mortar hair salon with a strong clientele. The Meme Natural You product line was made to honor our history, thank our loyal customers, and make all-natural hair care available to people from all walks of life. It includes both where we have been and where we are going.", which is their official website, to learn more about their products.

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