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Trainer Monica Jones Guides Clients Through an Inward-Outward Discovery of Their Own Strength

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Fitness & Health

Monica Jones' Instagram (@trainwithmon) features a tiny trainer with golden curls, toned abs, a happy perspective, and laser focus.

It's hard to imagine Jones, who often squats 200 pounds on social media, having body image issues. Jones' strength comes from exercising as a coping mechanism. Her fitness journey improved when she focused less on how she looked and more on how she felt, which led her to her true calling: Teaching other women to change their mindsets. Early in her career, she struggled to answer the age-old question: What do I want to be? She wanted to be happy and not be imprisoned in an unhappy career.

Jones: "I had bulimia, body dysmorphia, and social ADHD. Only realizing I had a purpose beyond improving my appearance helped me heal.”

As she healed, Jones became more passionate about exercise, women's wellness, and self-care. She knows that women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds often put their own needs on hold. Jones advises women to prioritize themselves. Women can arrange guilt-free workout time, which improves them physically and emotionally.

"As women, we'll go the extra mile.” Jones says we must start exercising at the same time, however. “Without self-care, no one will appreciate my time. Working out means showing up and making time - for myself, too.”

Jones makes it look easy, but she knows it's hard to change your mind. How can women stop sacrificing spare time for workouts?

"Women need to know why they need this time. Becoming active freed me and gave me the will to emancipate other women.

When you dig deeper, we're never what we seem. We’re more. As a result, practicing for something significant feels more empowering.

Jones realizes that HIIT workouts and strict diets aren't always compatible with women's hormones and genetics. So, she created "Hustle and Flow," a fitness program that considers a woman's menstrual cycles, hormone fluctuations, appetites, and energy levels.

"Women are sometimes blamed for being emotional, but this is our superpower. I wanted to assist other ladies while answering questions like ‘When are you most creative? What's your best decision-making time?’”

Jones says it’s crucial to identify and understand these time periods. "Women aren't studied. Hustle and Flow is created for women's hormonal wellness and cycle synchronization,” she declares.

Beginning with herself, Jones redefined fitness by discussing body image and mental wellness. She's since branched out and helped women accept their limitations and put themselves first. Jones recognizes femininity's strength. She encourages, motivates, and comforts women to be themselves, despite appearance.

Jones says, "You can acquire so much from the lifestyle. I promote women's wellbeing and positivity.”

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