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Adrina Fanore's Fashion Film 'ASTRAL': Black Women - Return To Your Roots

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In her short film, fashion designer Adrina Fanore sends the Goddesses to remind us that black women are the bearers of civilization and that the spirit of our queens rises through our resilience.

Directed and produced by Fanore and written by Davis Northern, ASTRAL opens up with the infamous quote that black women, from Beyonce’ to Gen X bloggers, all recite from Malcolm X’s uttering back in 1962:

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”

“Based in surrealism and ancient Egyptian mythology, ASTRAL, is a unique fashion film that depicts Black femininity and womanhood through the eyes of five ancient Egyptian goddesses who devise a plan to reinstall ancient Eqyptian awareness, and its connections to modern society,” according to PreKindle.

As the five Egyptian goddesses Isis (Jevonnah Mayo), Hathor (Stephanie Jolicoeur), Sekhmet (Marija Abney), Nut (Hailey Elizabeth), MA’AT (Jamie Ann Burke) all sit around discussing how to “connect our daughters” back to their “inner Goddess,” they all come to realize that one thing is apparent, “our women need to come back from the roots we built them from and recognize they are the prototype of existence.”

“...Our women are the bearers of all existence on planet earth. We hear their joy, as well as their sorrow. It’s as if they don’t know who they are,” mentions Goddess Isis (Jevonnah Mayo). “I propose we figure out a way to create awareness through self-love. I vote that through the awareness of self-love and their connections through ancient Africa, black women can find the will to preserve, is it not true?”

Sekhmet (Marja Abney), the Goddess of War & Healing, purposes that our daughters “seek the connections within themselves,” as the quest or journey is “derived from a lack of identity, not a lack of respect.” Sekhmet believes that “to gain respect, one must first know who they are and further where they came from.”

Watch the short below to find out the conclusion of what the Goddesses believe we should do to connect back with “what we lost sight of.”

A fashion designer, creative director and South Carolina native, Adrina’s studies at Parsons The New School led her to a career in fashion design. With 10 years of experience, her expertise has allowed her to expand her work from the runway to screen. Drawing inspiration from various cultures and vivid imagination, Adrina has created designs rooted in surrealism, eclecticism, and minimalism.

Follow Adrina Fanore on her website on or on her social media accounts below:

YouTube: @Adrina Fanore

Facebook: @AdrinaBrand
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Instagram: @Adrina_Fanore

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