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Who and What is Harlem Fashion Week?

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Fashion Me In Style

Harlem Fashion Week creates a cultural canvas for both established and emerging designers to showcase their creativity in an atmosphere that supports diversity and multiculturalism.

Since the days of the Renaissance, Harlem has served as the epicenter of art, literature, music and fashion. As Harlem is being revitalized in the 21st century, Harlem Fashion Week (HFW) introduces a new era of fashion culture to the Harlem community, inspired by its rich cultural heritage. HFW’s goal is to produce an event that will showcase the fashion industry, provide business education for emerging designers, grow Harlem businesses and create a platform for diversity in fashion.


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​HFW blends the Downtown fashion hub with Uptown swagg for a rich cultural experience, one which serves as a platform for rising stars in the Fashion Design Industry.

It has been fortunate to receive a wide variety of press from over 100 major media publications, from Vogue Italia, Paper Magazine, The, Refinery29,, The New Yorker, Essence, Fashion Week Online, and Getty Images to local media outlets like AfrofusionTV, Urban Girl Mag, and Spoken Black Girl.

Harlem Fashion Week has fans in 38 countries around the world looking for what’s next in cutting-edge fashion!


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Through Harlem Fashion Week’s runway shows, charity gala and business of fashion symposium, its designers and guests have had the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in fashion, such as: Jay Manuel, former Creative Director of America’s Next Top Model; Dapper Afrika, celebrity stylist for Erykah Badu; Duckie Confetti, designer and stylist for Teyana Taylor; Kubi Springer, international brand specialist, L’Oreal, MTV; and Glamour Amber, stylist for Remy Ma, Bunim & Murray Productions, along with other prominent media who attended to view the latest fashion trends.

Harlem Fashion Week has been officially sanctioned as a New York Fashion Week event by Fashion Week Online.

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