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Fittings & Firsts: Which Designers Will Shine As Kamala Harris Takes Office?

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Fashion Me In Style

The buzz is flying, the day has come, and history has been made. Kamala Harris is the first female Vice President of the United States, a brilliant, beautiful Black and South Asian woman who has finally shattered the ceiling on political power.

Now, she wields a greater platform than any of us have ever seen. The question is, who will be the lucky designers chosen to clothe this living, breathing dream?

Not since Michelle Obama graced the stage with her husband, former President Barack Obama, has there been so much excitement for Black fashion designers, artists, and professionals.

Harris, an Oakland, California, native who is of Indian and Jamaican descent, has a rich lineage and background that blends colorful, creative traditions with the best of Black America.

Throughout her campaigns, we've already seen her penchant for blending beautiful pantsuits with her beloved Converse or even skinny jeans with Timbs. When it comes to all-out glam, though, our glorious new VP's style is a jewel waiting to be uncovered.

We got a sneak peek of how Harris might speak through her fashion on the night she and Joe Biden finally declared victory. Her flawless white pantsuit was a nod to the Suffragettes who ultimately made her election possible -- even if they never intended to fight for Black women.

Now, though, Harris has the power and the visibility -- both within and beyond the fashion world -- to put Black designers out front in a way that not even the beautiful, wildly popular Michelle Obama could. She is arguably the second-most powerful person in the free world.

So how will she use it? Inauguration Day is just the beginning, after all. We have at least four years to see how many of these wonderful Black fashion talents get the spotlight they deserve.

1. Carly Cushnie -- The global COVID pandemic put a number on Cushnie's gorgeous brand and forced her to close her doors, but the honor and prestige of dressing a history-maker like Harris could be just the jumpstart she needs for her next venture. Cushnie has faced multiple business challenges over the past few years, but her beautiful, sleek styles are unmatched in their elegance.

2. Kerby Jean-Raymond -- This Haitian-American designer is the creative force behind Pyer Moss, known for mixing political messages with a celebration of Blackness and embracing the general public. Jean-Raymond's philosophy could be a perfect match for the VP's personality.

3. Christopher John Rogers -- A favorite of Michelle Obama, he catapulted to the forefront with his bold, lush colors and voluminous frames. Rogers might be a stretch for Harris, even for an Inaugural Ball, but her bubbly personality may hold some surprises for us at looser evening events when she can cut loose and celebrate.

On top of them, let's watch for Asian designers like Prabal Gurung or Peter Do, both of whom have stellar styles that also speak to Harris' love of clean lines.

Who would you like to see dressing our historic new VP?


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