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Emma Amos Art Prints Paint Pretty Portraits In Duro Olowu SS21 Collection

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Collections, Drops & Runways

Duro Olowu has a way of creating art in motion, even when his models are completely still.

His Spring Summer 2021 collection gives us that feeling of beautiful, easy-breezy chic and brings up lovely memories of leisurely brunches, dates and just going out -- along with the hope that those days will soon return.

We may have turned the page on 2020, but the remnants remain. We’re still stuck inside, safely tucked away from dangerous virus strains, yet our hearts and souls long to roam free. Oluwu drew inspiration from another free-thinking, fierce artist in Emma Amos, a striking and acclaimed Black woman painter who passed away last May.

Through this collection, her powerful radical feminism and activism live on through art-infused, hand-painted fabrics. Her penchant for challenging racial stereotypes fuses with Olowu’s gift for turning leisurewear into a gloriously chic, empowering experience.

Olowu SS21 is a journey through flowing midi-length skirts with A-lines and billowy bottoms, fitted bodices and cropped jackets with flirty, puffed, free-flowing sleeves, dramatic tunics over wide-leg pants, and more. Throughout the collection, he expertly weaves a love letter of appreciation for Amos’ artistry with striking color combinations and painted collages through pairings and patchwork. Then, just when we think we’ve got his flow down, he flips it on us with a delicate, 1950’s inspired white dress with a simple, breathy palm tree print.

Enjoy the complete collection below.

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