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#InstantLove: Cute+Fierce JuJuBeez Collection by Teyana Taylor, Junie Shumpert

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One of the most stylish mother-daughter teams anywhere, hands down, is Teyana Taylor and her daughter Iman "Junie" Shumpert.

Therefore, it is only fitting that they develop a clothing line just for mothers and their little ones.

Taylor took to Instagram to drop the news that she has worked with her gorgeous daughter on JuJuBeez, their apparel company. They have matching clothes for mothers and daughters in their assortment.

“I collaborated with @jujubeezclothing's boss lady @babyjunie4 to create a special mommy and me desert collection with @thmbl. We have been working on something for a little while, and we are incredibly excited to share it with you guys!”

According to Teyana Taylor and Junie, they wanted to design items that made their family both fashionable and comfortable.

In a statement to WWD, Taylor said, "For Junie and I, it was all about simple style – uncomplicated things that we could incorporate into our day-to-day."

“We experiment with a lot of neutral colors that are very much in line with my style, as well as bright graphic designs. You may rock the drop-off outfit of the day and establish the hallway trends with our inaugural collection's athletic and loungewear designs.”

The range is made up of neutral hues like tan, black, blue, and grey, as described by the Harlem native. There are legging sets that match, bucket caps, hoodie sets with shorts, varsity coats, and zip-up shirts with biker shorts, among other items. The price range of items spans from $20 to $129.

Taylor felt it was crucial to demonstrate to Junie that as a Black woman, the sky's the limit.

The Coming to America 2 star stated, "I enjoy the collision of macho and feminine elements within my own wardrobe and wanted to portray it inside our mama-and-mini collection.

"I've always wanted to make Junie an universe where there are no boundaries, fear is unfounded, and anything is possible. This is just one of several initiatives being taken to alter the narrative that women are told as they grow up about what they can and cannot do. Anything is conceivable, and I intend to change that narrative.”

View the JuJuBeez collection right here.

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