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Bricks & Wood, K-Swiss Collab to Honor Black Designers-Past, Present & Future

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As with its New Balance 57/40 collaboration, Bricks & Wood has teamed up with K-Swiss to pay tribute to a California icon: the all-white K-Swiss.

If you're like me, you grew up with your first pair of white K-Swiss and Bricks & Wood's collaboration with the LA brand is making you nostalgic.

Bricks & Wood's additions to the collaboration K-Swiss Classic LX include a fresh off-white color scheme, a suede and leather upper, and an icy translucent outsole. Bricks & Wood's name is all over these sneakers (literally), thanks to prominent branding on the corduroy tongue and frosted outsoles.

The K-Swiss Classic LX is still a classic, despite the addition of Bricks & Wood. Like its slightly hefty shape, three-piece toe, and five-stripe and shield logos, it has remained unchanged and time-honored as ever.

Unquestionably stunning is the way Bricks & Wood have reimagined the K-Swiss sneakers. But the collaboration is more than simply clean kicks; it's a representation of Black designers, past, present, and future.

An uncle of Bricks & Wood co-founder Kacey Lynch and the first ever Black designer at K-Swiss is at its heart in this K-Swiss collaboration.

Forgotten Black designers whose work has been well lauded by the public but mostly ignored by the fashion business have been brought to light by Anderson's contributions.

It was with the help of K-Swiss and his uncle Dazo Anderson that Lynch launched "Design Program," which serves as the beginning of Bricks & Wood's "For Daily Use" community organization.

Eight young, aspiring designers will be guided through the sneaker design process by K-Swiss' design team professionals as part of the Design Program initiative, which aims to provide them with essential tools and early recognition in their design journeys.

To hold off impatient fans while we wait for further information on the potential foundation and its first activation, Lynch has released warm gear from Bricks & Wood called "For Daily Use," which goes perfectly with the brand's new K-Swiss Classic LX sneakers.

  • Model number: Classic LX
  • Cost: $100
  • Model: Classic LX
  • Release Date: Available now
  • Price: $100
  • Buy: K-Swiss and Bricks & Wood's online store

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