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Black, Style, & Fluency: Dani Evans

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Black Style & Fluency

"I'm a 'feeler'. I’m sensitive to energy and empathic to all. I’ve been this way since a child. Over the years and after many hurts I developed a hard exterior in order to protect myself. Something like a defense mechanism to ward off pain. As I began to heal, I realized that ideology is apart of the lie.

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In 2017 I began taking the mask off. I started my journey of healing. I left what was back then, my comfort, and isolated myself for 21 days to embark upon a spiritual journey. It’s said that it takes 21 days to break a habit. I had no contact w/ family, friends, social media or work during this time. It was the most painful beautiful journey of realization, forgiveness, awareness, and healing.


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This season of life feels familiar. The silence of an empty home no longer makes me uncomfortable, I welcome it bc of the possibilities that I know this silence can birth. The stillness of my surroundings encourages a renewed spirit. One thing I’ve learned about the energy of God is that it’s gentle. It’s never pressing. Never forceful but always present and welcoming. It’ll take you as deep as YOU’RE willing to go.


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Maybe you too can take this time to go inward? To unearth those nagging reoccurring things that keep coming up in the silence of your thoughts. The programming that was never yours to begin with. The inherited fears that aren’t yours to claim.

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I was chatting with a dear family friend recently and she reminded me that “the healing journey never ends, but it only gets better.” My hope for you reading this, is that not only can we collectively heal our nations wounds, but individually as well.


P.s. ~ There are a lot of things that I will not be returning back to when things get back to “normal”."


Follow Dani (Author, Designer, and founder of Monrowe NYC) on Instagram at @DaniEvans1.

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