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The Misperception of the Needs and Wants of a Black Successful Man

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Male Point of View

About that thing -- you know, the “thing” of men wanting a ‘Big Booty Woman’ and that brains aren’t really necessary.

For what is deemed “successful men”, that is the biggest lie that has ever been told.

Yes, we see you on Instagram with your 1.1 million followers, your swimsuit booty pics, and your thrice-an-hour twerk videos. And for what it’s worth, what red-blooded brother wouldn’t mind having a look-see? Yes, even the successful ones. We may also share the links of your social media postings, increasing your follower numbers.

But how many of us would think about “wifing” you or even consider delving into a deep relationship that would lead to a serious commitment or marriage?

Let’s see. That number would be 0.000037%. You cannot say a full zero percent because, well, there are some that have never had a ‘big booty’ that comes attached to a smile. And for those men who are so consumed with lust, it makes them no nevermind.

Now before you chime in with any rebuttal questions, let me ask you a sincere question. When we come home from a long stressful day at the office, and we have to think on a strategic level, how many of you can ‘really’ match that level of thinking?

Or, for instance, say there’s a Black-tie gala that requires our attendance. Also in attendance are a room full of movers and shakers, who will all be doing networking of some sort. Can I honestly say that you would be the perfect “wife” or “significant other” to be able to mesh well with me and for me? With thigh and neck tattoos, can you -- will you -- feel comfortable wearing a formal gown? After all, in the world of business, image and reputation can cause your biggest downfall or greatest rise.

Yes, I know that there are a gang of people out there, female and male, who may be saying that I’m shaming (because that is what y’all love to say) or that this is a bully article, but it’s just the opposite. Please read with your eyes open and see exactly where I am coming from as a Black man.

I can present to you hundreds of beautiful women in fitness and in other industries who take beautiful pictures and promote their companies, and they do it with style and class! It would be a great idea to have a series of these types of women who are showing panache and handling family, career, and their businesses in the right way. And in doing so, displaying it with --” class!”

Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, you will hear from the peanut gallery, “Man, cats just want them as side-pieces.” Or, “Yo, ain’t nuttin wrong with breaking them off a little bit of loose change to tap on that phat ass.”

Yes, this article isn’t about that! It is about finding a woman who you can present to your mom or as Mrs. CEO, who can take you from one level and help elevate you to the next one. For some odd reason, that has been forgotten, and we need and have to get it back.

Maybe it was the late 1990’s or early 2000’s when the beautiful, smart women started taking second place to the “big booty” ones who provide nothing of substance to offer beyond what’s displayed on social media.

Maybe that is why on a higher level we see our Brothers crossing the lake to the other side, more so now than ever, but I digress -- that is another subject we can discuss at a later date and time.

Let me conclude this by saying that great, beautiful, wonderful, and distinguished black women who happen to have a big “back-pack” as well... and whose first thought isn’t to display it on social media, you are the TOTAL PACKAGE.

We are still out here, and you are still just as desired amongst successful, educated entrepreneurs and professional Black men.

Yes, you are wanted and needed by us men with all the potential in the world -- God-fearing men, spiritual men, men who haven’t made it yet but are well on their way, men who still believe in opening car doors and paying for dates and taking the garbage out on trash day!

Yes, we are still out there. Don’t think you are hidden -- we see you. Just give us a chance to find you and to honor you precisely the way you should be. Keep striving, never succumb, and do not settle for anything less than you deserve.

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