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Finding Your Way Home: A True Love For Black People

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Male Point of View

I saw a post asking "Do Black people TRULY trust Black people as a whole. The responses were quite troubling. From seemingly educated and mature people.

I've always expressed that racism is two-sided. They had to teach white people how to think of Black people. They taught, and put into law, that Black people were a different "race" in, a subspecies of humans. Many "science and medical" experiments were done on black people...from how we use our brains to injecting diseases into our systems to see how our bodies would respond. The false articles still exist in conversations today.

Black people were also taught racism, but it was different. To keep Black people separated, they had to teach blacks how to think of other blacks. “They are dangerous, cheap, lazy, not good neighbors, criminals, make bad products for business, dishonest, colorism,” etc.

Many black people learned the teachings of their masters very well. Black Americans are the only ethnic class that when the majority of its people move...they do not move into a neighborhood that looks like them. When you hear them speak of why, it resembles the same racist teachings of 30, 50, even 200 yrs ago. They rationalize why... instead of why not.

Racism is also self-hate. Many black people claim to love the skin they are in. They echo Muhammad Ali’s words "I'm black and beautiful." Profess their love and admiration for black men and black women. Hashtag #BlackGirlMagic. Yet CHOOSE not to live in black neighborhoods or shop at black businesses, but still complain about bad experiences with black businesses. Like they don't still continually go to stores, banks, etc. owned by members of other ethnic groups who have consistently bad customer service and/or products. One bad experience and all you hear from them is "this is why I don't..."

You don't love your people. You love You. Integration gave POC choice when their choice was taken away. You HAD to live in a Black neighborhood, Had to marry black, Had to have your children in a black school, Had to go to a black college. It was literally illegal to defy any of those. No other ethnic class chooses to not live around people with similarities. It's not chosen segregation. Its natural human migration. Walk into a room and people naturally gravitate to similar people. It's an unconscious choice. It takes the same racism that whites pass down to their kids... for Black Americans to make conscious choices to reject their own.

Hopefully, they'll find their way back home.. and learn to truly love themselves and people who look like them.


~ Jullian Goodin

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