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Dear Future Wife, it is my job to…

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Male Point of View

DEAR FUTURE WIFE --- my job is to look for you. To provide, protect, empower and uplift you. Before I can propose, I must prepare for you.

Don't give up on love. Don't give up on men. Don't give up on me. Don't give up on your fairytale. Women get engaged and married every day! You’re not exempt from real love and happiness.

You don't have to BEG for me to BE loyal, faithful or committed. You don't have to change for me or wait for me to see your virtue. I will recognize your value from the BEGINNING!

A man can only find a WIFE if he's LOOKING! A woman can only be FOUND if she's ready to be found. Spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I will find the beauty of your heart, the delicacy of your spirit, the passion in your purpose.

Don't let ANYBODY make you feel guilty! You are worthy of true love. You are worthy of your crown. You are worthy of your fairytale. You are worthy of happiness.

I am LOOKING for you! It is my duty to make EVERY TEAR, every HEARTBREAK, every DISAPPOINTMENT, every FRUSTRATION disappear into thin air! It's my job to LOVE so beautifully, you'll FORGET every man in the past! If I'm not THERE to give you the BEST... I wouldn't belong in your life at ALL!

Together we will do great things. Together we will rise to a new level. Together we will experience happiness. Together we will share tears of joy. Together we will build monuments of memories. I'm here to be your partner, not your playmate. To give you addition, not subtraction.

~Your Future Hubby

You're not broken. You're not desperate. You don't need to be fixed.

You are the amazing a great man is looking for. You can't just WAIT for him, you must PREPARE for him.

Every man isn't qualified to date you, touch you or love you. But the right man is a prepared man. Reserve yourself for the gentleman who wants a lifetime commitment, not a rental for the night.

Don't just wait for him. Prepare for him.

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