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One Woman's Quest of Using Vaginal Fluids As Perfume to Attract Men

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Fitness & Health

Are you having a hard time attracting men? Maybe the key lies in using your very own vaginal fluids to draw them in.

Sound crazy? Well, here’s how one woman used her very own vaginal fluids as a perfume in an experiment to see if there was actual truth behind the madness.

Rachel Khona of P.S. I Love You does not shy away from trying ‘vag’ related activities. When given the opportunity to try vaginal perfume, like with most of her quests, she was up for the challenge.

According to Khona, “vaginal perfume entails mixing one’s own vaginal secretions with perfume to attract the opposite sex.”

Using a cotton swab, she delicately gathered the “needed goods,” dabbed a little here and there on her pulse points, and went on her merry way.

For the experiment, she alternated between wearing vaginal fluid alone and mixing it with her favorite perfume. In theory, the scent of Khona’s natural pheromones in her ‘down-below’ area would play a crucial part in attracting men.

In reality, however, when it comes to pinpointing the secretion of our pheromones, scientific research in humans is still in the early stages. Though pheromones have been studied as they affect visual and sexual attraction, the investigation as it relates to vaginal fluid has not.

In fact, according to Scientific American, “investigators now suggest that a suite of chemicals emitted from our bodies subliminally sway potential partnering. Smells, it seems, plays an under-appreciated role in romance and other human affairs.”

(Click here to view the details of Khona’s 9 day challenge)

Though she may have taken the experiment with just for kicks, Khona didn’t get men throwing themselves at her doorstep. In the end, she will not be recommending vag perfume anytime soon.

In her conclusion, Khona says vaginal perfume is nothing but “malarkey.” “If swarms of men had fallen at my feet, I would have felt differently,” she wrote. “The best way to get hit on is to get a life. Drink, dance, and be merry.”

As Khona says -- and we agree -- the best perfume is an upbeat attitude.

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