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Here's A Little Traveling Advice For Lightning Up The Load

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Do you see travel in your near future? How about blue skies, concrete jungles, or perhaps a beautiful view of water waves?

Whenever and wherever your destination plans lead you, traveling light can be a life and pocket-saver.

If you’re anything like me, you tend to overpack, mainly because I often have a case of the “what-if” or “just-in-case” syndrome.

We’ve all been guilty of this mentality at one time or another. For example, “what-if” or “just-in-case” I decide that I would like to go to a nice dinner party (which wasn’t on my initial travel itinerary)? I would think of what I would like to wear, ultimately settling on a lovely black dress. And what comes along with packing an extra dress? You guessed it -- accessories, shoes, maybe a nice matching bag. And before you know it, you’ve stuffed more and more items into an already compact suitcase or carry-on.

There is no one set of rules to traveling smart, but lighting the load can be a traveler’s best friend. By following a few simple steps, you can shed size and weight.

Check The Weather Of Your Travel Destination

A smart tip would be to check the weather of your travel destination and then pack accordingly. Checking the weather will also keep you from over packing or under packing.

Wear Your Heaviest Items on the Day of Travel

To save space on your trip, wear your bulkiest items when boarding the plane. Whether its shoes, boots, a trench coat, or even a heavy jacket, wearing them on the day of travel is not only economical, but your back will thank you for it.

Pre-Plan Your Outfits or Wears

Pre-planning saves time and allows you to have a birds-eye view of what is or isn’t needed. Accessories, clothes, shoes, scarves, hats, and essentials are all well thought out and calculated. To cut down a little more, select pieces that are not only lightweight but are also versatile -- ones that you can wear more than once on a trip. Take pants or skirts, for instance -- pairing these items with different tops, accessories, or even shoes can easily make for a refreshed, revitalized look.

Fold, Roll & Tuck

Using the fold, roll, and tuck method is truly a space saver and pure packing genius. Neatly fold your items tightly and securely as possible. Once folded, to make compact as possible, tightly roll your items, -- your things are now ready to be tucked into your suitcase. A rule of thumb is to place them vertically. By placing them vertically, you will be able to view all of your clothing at once without having to remove articles to see each piece.

Other Tips, Tricks, And How-Tos

- Limit the number of shoes you take. Stick with the basic colors -- nudes, blacks, and a nice simple slide that will go with the clothing palette that you have already pre-planned.

- Only pack things that are needed, nothing less - nothing more.

- Replace your reading books with apps straight from your smart device.

- Replace your carry on hand-bag with a small backpack, and neatly pack your purse in your carry-on.

- Skip out on packing your toiletries. Most, if not all toiletries can be purchased for little or nothing once you arrive at your destination, if not already provided at your hotel.

Pack your most cumbersome items first, with the lightest being on top.

Can you travel heavy, happy, and cheap? Something will have to give. The ultimate goal is to make use of every inch of space -- make it count.


Travelers, what is some of your best traveling advice?

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