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Mons Mist: Flamingo Wants to Know If You Are You Down With The Bush?

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Skin Care

Not to sound too personal, but how do you like your bush? Trimmed. Shaved. Lined. Waxed. Lasered. Full Monty.

No matter your personal preference, if we take care of the bush, she will take care of us.

Helping us keep our “personal area” in order, Flamingo Mons Mist helps us to celebrate our own body hair -- however we choose to do so.

Launching The Bush 2020 Campaign as the “grow-choice movement,” the Mons Mist is a conditioning spray for pubic hair and skin that gently exfoliates to get rid of ingrown hair on the mons pubis, the V-shaped spot atop the public bone. It is not, however, intended for the vagina.


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The “grow-choice movement” includes catchy slogans like, “All Mons Created Equal” and “Fighting for the American Pubic.” It’s definitely the only Bush 2020 I’m down with.

According to StyleCaster, “Mons Mist contains jojoba and coconut oils to nourish hair, fruit acids to exfoliate skin, Centella Asiatica extracts to soothe and calm and Lactobacillus Ferment for a dose of good bacteria. People of any gender can use it—if you have pubic hair it’s for you.”

“It’s time to stop telling us what to do with our body hair and encourage listening to the only voices that really matter: our own,” the campaign reads.

Flamingo Mons Mist is available now for $12 on the Flamingo website.

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