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IMAN: Hydrate Your Skin While Concealing Imperfections At The Same Time

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A reliable concealer can be hard to find, especially one that easily matches your skin tone and works well with foundations.

Concealers are designed to hide problem areas, dark circles, and small imperfections in the face, setting the stage for your foundation. They may also be used as stand-alone products should your coverage needs be minimal.

You will find that with IMAN concealers, they will both hide skin issues and work to hydrate the areas where they’re applied.


2020 0322 B MnN IMAN Hydrate Your Skin While Concealing Imperfections At The Same Time Corrective Cream

IMAN’s Corrective Concealer is perfect for any discolored areas and may also be used as a highlighter. This lightweight cream is easily applied in small areas, using a tapping motion to blend. It works great around the mouth and under the eyes, evening your skin tone.


2020 0322 B MnN Iman Hydrate Your Skin Concealing 03

If you only have a few areas that require coverage, like a blemish or dark circles, this cream can be used alone to simply enhance your natural skin. This concealer may also be used as a highlighter at the brow line to illuminate the eyes and eyebrows. It’s formulated with nourishing vitamins E and C, as well as jojoba oil to moisturize the skin. Plus, Aloe Vera extract soothes skin irritation to help you create a flawless appearance. The Corrective Concealer is available in Clay (medium tone) and Earth (dark tone).


2020 0322 B MnN IMAN Hydrate Your Skin While Concealing Imperfections At The Same Time Cover Cream

For a more substantial option, the Cover Cream is the best concealer for skin issues like hyperpigmentation. Unlike the Corrective Concealer, this offering is able to give you even more coverage and work beautifully by itself. In five shade offerings, the Cover Cream diminishes the look of dark circles and skin tone imperfections. Made with vitamin E and Green Tea Leaf Extract, this concealer is the ultimate moisturizer and inflammation fighter. Apply this cream with a foundation brush or sponge and make sure to blend well.

The best concealer for your unique skin shade is within reach. As one of the first steps in your beauty routine, your concealer should work just as efficiently as every other component in your regimen.

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