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5 Tips To Keep Your Lashes Lush And Avoid Mascara Clumps

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Makeup & Nails

Have you ever bought a silky, high-end mascara that had your lashes sleek, lovely, and poppin’, only to turn you into a gummy, clumpy, raggedy-eyed disaster within weeks? No? Just me?

Well if you've ever "wasted" money watching your dreamy mascara turn into a nightmare, it might not be the product's fault. You might have killed it by doing the wrong things. (Many of us do!)

So, where did these bad habits begin? Did we learn them by watching our moms, big sisters and girlfriends, then just adopt them without asking why? In many cases, the answer is yes!

The number one enemy of mascara is air, which makes sense when you think about it. When you apply mascara, it's moist, right? Once it dries, it sets in place.

Clumps happen when pre-dried product lands on our lashes, but where do clumps begin? Well take a look below -- do you recognize any of these mascara killers?

1. Pumping the Wand

While it may be tempting to dig down repeatedly and "scoop" up more color, pumping the wand actually introduces more air into the product. That causes it to dry out prematurely and -- you guessed it -- clump up.

2. Leaving the Tube Open

This habit is even worse because it allows large amounts of air to enter the container. It's fine if you want to apply multiple coats of mascara -- many of us do -- but be sure to replace the wand while you wait for each one to dry. Also, take note -- a wand halfway in is as bad as leaving the tube completely open.

3. Using Old Mascara

Rule of thumb: The best mascara is a new mascara. No matter how careful you are, any product can only last for so long. If you use multiple colors or styles of mascara, you might keep them longer, and in some cases, far past their peak. Older mascaras not only get duller, but they're also more prone to clumping -- especially if they're over six months old.

4. Loading Up Your Lashes

We wear mascara for a reason, right? It adds drama and definition to one of our most glorious, expressive features -- our eyes. High drama requires multiple coats of mascara, however, and that comes with some risks. Even if you master No. 1 above, another challenge is that applying more product might make your lashes stick together, causing clumps.

5. Impatiently Painting

"Painting" your lashes is just like painting your nails. If you don't let one coat dry before you start adding another, you're bound to end up with an uneven surface at best and horrible clumps at worst. Pro Tip: Let each layer dry properly before applying more mascara and wiggle the brush as you draw it along your lashes.


If you follow these tips and toss the bad habits, your favorite mascara will love you back longer and stronger and give your eyes the stunning looks you deserve!


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