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The Arrival: 'TPH by Taraji' P. Henson's Hair Care Line Launches at Target

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The wait is officially over and hopefully, so are your split ends.

Taraji P. Henson is not only wrapping up the sixth and final season of Empire, but with her latest drop, you too may be able to put your hair in a fly wrap.

Henson’s hair care line, TPH by Taraji, is now in Target stores after more than 10 years in the works.

“I was like a mad scientist,” says Henson of creating the solution-oriented line, which she started by experimenting in her kitchen.

The line features more than 18 products that cater to a range of hair types, and it was even inspired by challenges Henson faced herself when caring for her own hair.

“Women think that just because you have your hair braided up under a weave or wig that you don’t have to [do anything else],” she tells People. “But you have to take care of it.”

TPH by Taraji features four scalp products -- Never Salty Scalp Scrub, TPH Master Cleanse Scalp Treatment Wash, TPH Ultra Chill Energising and Coiling Serum, and TPH Mint Condition Tingling Scalp Conditioner -- that Henson uses to make sure that her hair remains healthy when she takes down her braids.


2020 0321 B H The Arrival TPH by Taraji P Hensons Hair Care Line Launches at Target 02

“I follow that up with one of my shampoos and masks, then we braid it down with my Glow Up oil so that my hair doesn’t feel brittle and deprived when I take it out.”

With products such as, “Smooth Attitude,” “Guardian Curls,” “Mother Earth,” and “Serene Queen,” Henson wanted the names to reflect who she is as a person.

“They’re me, they’re who I am. And when you read them, you believe it’s my line.”


2020 0321 B H The Arrival TPH by Taraji P Hensons Hair Care Line Launches at Target 03

“Everything is color-coded, we wanted themes,” says the star, who describes her $5-$15 dollar line as “luxury at an affordable price point.”

And if you didn’t know, if Henson wasn’t an actress, she would most certainly be in the beautifying business.

“I know that if I didn’t go into acting, I would have been a cosmetologist.” She adds, “My fans trust me, so this is me sharing with them.”

Check out the full line of TPH by Taraji P. Henson here at Target.

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