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Queen Care: Honor Your Glorious Crown With A Custom Natural Hair Ritual

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Whether you're already a natural queen or you're transitioning to full-fledged curly-girl, honoring your crown with a nurturing care ritual is the key to regal, ravishing hair.

We all have different curl patterns, porosity, and hair textures, but there are key elements we all need to include in our regular routines.


Tip 1: Cleanse Hair Weekly or Bi-Weekly

How do you know which timeframe is best for you? You may need to experiment, and then watch to see how your hair responds. Some of us need to wash weekly, while others -- especially drier hair types -- may flourish more washing every two weeks or even twice a month.

Still others of us who work out regularly, or who simply sweat more, may opt to co-wash with a traditional conditional in-between regular weekly shampoos.


Tip 2: Condition Weekly

Natural hair soaks up conditioner like the nectar of the gods, so be sure to feed it sumptuous goodness each week. This helps to hydrate your hair, replenishing moisture loss and keeping your hair stronger. Be sure to give your ends extra love, as they are often the driest area.


Tip 3: Detangle Your Curls

Detangling is key to both defining your styles and for overall hair health. Be sure to use either a wide-tooth comb or even your fingers, and do it while you have conditioner in your hair or while it is under running water. That will give your hair some slip to ease the tension and prevent you from tearing or ripping your tender curls!


Tip 4: Apply Deep Conditioner / Hair Mask

Give your precious locks a special treat with a deep conditioner or hair mask regularly or to achieve specific goals. Depending on the type of treatment, you can either add this step to your ritual or use it in place of your regular conditioner.

There are deep conditioners and masks that restore, revive, and define curls, prevent frizz, and hydrate the shaft as they penetrate the hair cuticle. According to All Things Hair, "natural hair transitioners may want to do this step weekly, as your hair is super fragile during your transition. You want to make sure the hair, especially the demarcation line that separates your chemically treated hair from your natural texture, is always handled with care. This part of your hair is very weak. Weekly treatments will help to strengthen the hair, making your transition much easier."


Tip 5: Use Leave-In Conditioner Weekly.

Leave-in conditioners help you keep the hair love flowing between washes, giving you ongoing slip for daily detangling. You may not need this step, but try it and see how your hair responds. Also, if you didn't detangle during the earlier conditioning steps, you could do it at this stage.


Tip 6: Style weekly or as needed.

Your style choices are as limitless as your imagination, so go all out. Just remember to use an "oil-based product or oils like coconut and almond during the take-down process of your braids or twists or while styling the hair to prevent any unwanted frizz."


Tip 7: Moisturize and seal daily or as needed.

One final bit of wisdom for the road is worth its weight in gold. Moisture is a critical part of keeping your hair supple, sexy, and healthy. The trick? Listen to your hair! Whenever it gets dry -- be it daily, every other day, or some other interval -- spritz water onto your hair or use a daily leave-in, then seal it in with an oil, which helps trap in the moisture.


For more info and product recommendations, visit AllThingsHair.


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