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Laverne Cox: Securing the Wig, Protecting the Edges & Growing the Hair

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We all know the importance of taking care of our natural hair, which often requires a low-maintenance, protective style.

If there is anyone who can share tips and tricks of securing the wigs it is former Orange is the New Black star, Laverne Cox.

On InStyle, she shares her natural hair care beauty regimen that keeps her locks in check.

As a person who went natural in 2011 after a relaxer “destroyed” her hair, Cox had to learn the art of caring for her curls while also nurturing her scalp.

She has adorned many looks since then, keeping it versatile by wigging it out and protecting her tresses underneath.

"I don’t wash my hair that much — I probably wash my hair every two weeks with the braids," she tells InStyle. "And then depending on my schedule, ideally once a month, sometimes six weeks, I take my braids out. We wash, deep condition, sometimes do a hot oil treatment, and then we braid her back up."

Always striving to prevent traction alopecia, Cox and her stylist go to great lengths to protect her edges when installing extensions.

"You want to make sure that under your weave, your hair is braided down — and not too tight," she shares. "When we're braiding, we braid around [the perimeter] of the hair to really be protecting my edges as much as possible. With wigs, the rubbing of the lace is real, so sometimes changing the position of your wigs helps, also."

When it comes to growing her hair, Cox’s go-to product is Matrix’s Length Goals. “It adds a lot of moisture,” she states. As their brand ambassador, she adds that the hair care line, is “no labels, just results.”

Her next fav product may just be in your kitchen pantry - coconut oil.

An often hidden gem, coconut oil is not just used for cooking, Cox explains. "It’s funny, my hair has always kind of gotten to my shoulders and then just kind of stops [growing], but I’ve been oiling my scalp with coconut oil, and it’s a little past my shoulders now," she says.

Cox describes her natural hair color as “really black,'' but the actress prefers it lighter. “So when I have jet black hair, I love it off my face. I don’t think the color softens me enough, I like lighter colors. And you know, I like the drama [of wigs], so we’ll see."

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