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All Along, We’ve Had The Key to ‘Modern Hair Protection That Actually Works’

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Retaining an adequate amount of moisture is one essential key to having a healthy head of hair.

Attempting to retain moisture during the fall and winter months can be a challenge all in itself. Top that with trying our hands at finding the right product, and it can seem like an exhausting full-time job.

Sure, there are shampoos, conditioners, butters and oils that help to promote elasticity and moisture of the hair, but there is one product that we’ve been using all along that also comes in handy.

A satin cap!

Why satin?


2020 0320 B H A Key to Modern Hair Protection That Actually Works 03

Satin does not absorb moisture and it allows your hair to “do what it does best: produce protective moisture to keep itself healthy and strong.”

The glossy fabric, that can be made with silk, polyester, wool, nylon, cotton, and or rayon, also limits breakage, combats frizz, reduces hair thinning and loss, reduces split ends, and allows the hair to repair itself.

Grace Eleyae’s Slaps (Satin-Lined Caps) helps us to do just that.


2020 0321 H A Key to Modern Hair Protection That Actually Works 06

The Slaps are not only fashionable, but they “allow you to take hair protection where you go.” These caps can be worn as beautifully as they are or simply hidden under a beanie or hat. And the best of it all, it helps to solve one of our most talked-about hair problems -- the loss of moisture.


2020 0321 B H A Key to Modern Hair Protection That Actually Works 04

A perfect balance between fashion and protection, the Grace Eleyae’s satin-lined caps can be purchased for $25. A bit more in price than standard beauty satin caps, the Slaps offer the convenience of elegance, style and allows the versatility to be worn with any outfit.

Head over to Grace Eleyae to view their collections in an array of fit, colors, and styles.

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