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What’s With All The Hype About Jade Rollers Anyway?

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Beauty Beats

It’s taking the beauty world by storm, yet the reason for all the hype around the jade roller very much depends on who you ask -- and their overall goal from using it.

What exactly is a jade roller?

A beauty tool that helps to support the drainage of the lymphatic system, the body’s main major detoxification system, the jade roller aids in reducing the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles, and according to Sephora, “physically helps to firm the look of skin through gentle massage.”

The jade roller is simply what the name implies, a roller that has a jade stone attached to the end. No, it’s not a miracle worker, nor does it help to fight against acne or breakouts, but if you’re seeking more firmness, then the jade roller has you covered.

You’re likely to find the rollers in the jade form, or with other gemstones like rose quartz. Well, which one is better? According to Sandra Lanshin Chiu, founder of the holistic healing studio Lanshin in Brooklyn and an expert in Chinese medicine dermatology, the stone really doesn’t matter. Chiu tells Cosmopolitan that “variations in type of stone won’t affect results. The key is good technique plus consistency.”

Where did jade rolling come from?

Jade rolling is said to have derived from Chinese princesses who used it for holistic medicine, and its spiritual and energetic qualities. Aimeé Bowen, a licensed esthetician and HSN skin care spokesperson in Daytona Beach, Florida, states that “jade is used for its calming properties, and [is believed to help heal] ailments from heart to kidney issues. It’s said to be helpful on the nervous system as well,” Bowen notes.

How do I use the jade roller?

According to Chiu, you may prep your skin by using a hydrating moisturizer and begin to work in the direction of your targeted area.

She also suggests the following steps:

Neck: Start with the neck to open channels of circulation. Place the roller in the back at the top of your neck, and roll downwards along the sides. Then, move to the front and roll from the jawline down to the collarbone.

Cheeks: Place the roller in the middle of your face, and push it outward toward the sides.

Forehead: Roll from your hairline down to your eyebrow. Then, take the roller between your brows and pull it horizontally toward your temple and repeat on the other brow.

Eyes: Gently roll horizontally from the outer corner of your eye toward the inner corner and repeat on the other eye.

How often should I use the jade roller?

Because the effect of jade rolling is only temporary, it is suggested that you can use the roller daily or whenever you feel as though your skin needs a pick-me-upper.

Hype or beauty trend, the jade roller is a good alternative for someone who is seeking a natural skincare routine. For long-term results, though, the search will have to continue for now.

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