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5 Eyeshadow Colors For Your Pretty Brown Eyes

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Beauty Beats

Mint Condition said it best, “pretty brown eyes, you know that I see you,”... and the rest of the world does also.

And with having 55% of the world’s shade, Brown reigns as the most popular eye color in the world. But, sharing an eye color with nearly half of the world’s population doesn't mean that you have to blend into the crowd.

Bring depth, definition, and dimension to your brown eyes by pairing them with an eyeshadow that does the work for you.


2020 0321 B BT 5 Eyeshadows Pretty Brown Eyes Huda Beauty

HUDA BEAUTY Obsession Eyeshadow Palette-Precious Stones Collections |Sephora| |$27|

Each Huda Beauty Precious Stones Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette is packed with a selection of nine highly pigmented creamy, metallic and duo chrome shadows inspired by the rich reflection of gemstones. Packed with stunning shades of amethyst, ruby, emerald, topaz, and sapphire, this palette is perfect for adding a hint of sparkle to the eyelids. The large mirror, conveniently-sized palette, and versatile shade collection allow you to create both classic and playful looks that are easy to apply on-the-go.


2020 0321 B BT 5 Eyeshadows Pretty Brown Eyes Marc Jacobs Beauty See quins Eyeshadow

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY See-quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow |Sephora| |$28|

This sequin-finish eyeshadow in a pot adds super-shimmering dimension to any look. The innovative, demi-pressed process allows the pigments to apply more vividly and gives the glitter maximum sparkle. The versatile formula can be packed on for intense glitter or blended for a soft wash of sparkle. It’s high-impact dazzle with smooth glide and bold color. Complete every outfit with a touch of See-quins in your choice of six sparkling shades.

2020 0321 B BT 5 Eyeshadows Pretty Brown Eye Moondust Eyeshadow



Moondust Eyeshadow by Urban Decay is a sparkly, sophisticated, yet super-refined eyeshadow that maintains its dazzle without a single speck of chunky glitter.


2020 0321 B BT 5 Eyeshadows Pretty Brown Eyes Nars Single Eye Shadow

NARS ISHTA MATTE BURGUNDY |Nars Cosmetics| |$19|

A collection of single eyeshadows in a new formula that deliver high-impact color in a single stroke.


2020 0321 B BT 5 Eyeshadows Pretty Brown Eyes Mac Eyeshadow


Highly pigmented power that applies evenly and blends well and can be used wet or dry.

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