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What Do I Do About My Newly-Discovered Double Lip Line - Does It Matter?

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Beauty Beats

The recent double lip line videos on TikTok seem to be speaking directly to Black women with full lips and a broad lip line around the border.

The vermilion border, also known as the lip-to-skin border, is a distinction that differs from woman to woman in its definition and prominence. Connecting the lip tissue to the rest of the face, it’s a line that sits just above the pigmented area.

This implies that while applying lip liner and lipstick, the color may spill or appear off-color. TikTok has been accused by some of making users hyper-alert of things they might not have otherwise been aware of. If your vermilion border is really strong, lip liner techniques like overlining may smear or appear unnatural.

The best location for lip liner is along the inner lip's perimeter, as explained in videos by Śola, a Black fashion writer and content creator based in the UK. When wearing any lipstick color, she also advises lining your lips with a neutral-toned product that complements your skin tone.

"When I was little, I didn't see anyone who looked like me, and I was teased for the way my lips appeared," says Śola. It’s easy to deeply empathize with Śola's struggle to accept her large lips as a teenager in the 2000s. Many of us mainly watched shows with mostly eurocentric characters when we were younger, and they definitely didn't have lips like ours.

She continues, "I'm not alone; many others have encountered the same problem.” In order to have a better understanding of how makeup affects your face, Śola advises knowing how to work with the particular lip shape you have. The benefits of portraying of beauty in specialized and nuanced makeup tutorials is evident in numerous ways. Better makeup only results from having better advice, says Śola.

Our lips seem to stand out for many of us, especially among Black women. They may even take center stage in our faces -- as well they should.

The beautiful thing is that the parts of our lips that some of us used to be teased for are now the ones that we get compliments on most frequently -- and that other cultures strive to duplicate, in some cases. With this improved knowledge of how to apply lip liner and lipstick, it will no longer appear as though our makeup is wearing us when I do our lips.

In reality, it's very easy. Not being insecure about it but rather celebrating it is the best attitude.

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