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3 Professional Beauty Tricks To Tie Your Whole Look Together: Face, Fit & Makeup

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Beauty Beats

A red carpet makeup look isn't something you can whip up in your bathroom vanity and expect to look good...or is it?

Professionals know how to give you that spectacular "pop," but you may be able to upgrade your skills more than you think.

Clearly the pros have a better selection and variety of supplies on hand, plus vast expertise and awareness of what to do and what not to do. If you pay attention to those artists, practice frequently, and exercise patience throughout the process, though, you can develop your own fabulous makeup looks at home.

On the Clean Beauty School podcast, celebrity makeup artist Delina Medhin discussed three fundamental ideas that might help us put everything together:

1. Maintain alignment of your visual components.

Medhin speaks of the "wow" moment—the first glance right after you've finished putting together a whole lewk. This especially happens when you get ready for events like weddings, black-tie affairs, or even birthdays. Many people consider these days to be exceptional, therefore you frequently spend a bit more time on your hair, makeup, and outfit to match.

Medhin advises tying together the aesthetic and spirit of each component—hair, makeup, and clothing—in order to create a makeup look that would make people take notice.

She advises you to consider whether your hair is communicating with your makeup. How about the attire? You will be able to get a bird's-eye view of your entire look in this way.

This could entail balancing which elements are complementing and which are competing, as well as helping you match colors, textures, and aesthetic motifs. And when everything comes together, there will be that "wow" moment.

2. Blend many textures while keeping your own under wraps.

You're not the only one who finds it difficult to use liquid and powder items in the same routine. The final hurdle is finding the ideal balance between matte and dewy.

Thankfully, Medhin is an expert.

“Determine where your skin is smooth and where it has texture first,” she advises. “Only the textured portions should receive powder application. That way, it appears flatter and smoother."

But it won't happen till after your liquid products. Apply any cream or liquid makeup, like foundation, concealer, cream blush, or bronzer, and then finish with your powders.

You may always use a cream product first and then layer a powdered product on top in regions where you have texture, such as bumps on the apples of your cheeks, if you have texture in those locations where these other products fall.

3. Always have your essentials on hand.

Medhin has a clear winner when it comes to essential cosmetics. She says, "I believe everyone should have transparent powder. This is essential for getting rid of texture without adding too much coverage.” Transparent powder is one of the few essential items Medhin takes with her when she leaves the house.

Powder, the lip product Medhin chose to use that day, and a brow product are all kept in her tote bag. Regarding the brows, Medhin asserts that "we all have an area that needs a little touch-up." She adds, "Not just darkness, but texture."

In situations like this, brow pencils and gels are useful. These two items will support in filling in any gaps, defining the curve of the brows, and maintaining their appearance no matter what the day brings.

You don't need to bring the complete makeup bag if you're leaving the house. You won't have to worry about forgetting a touch-up when you need one if you just grab your essentials and hit the road. This will ensure that your makeup maintains its professional appearance throughout the day.

The Finishing Touch

When it comes to at-home makeup, getting the "wow" factor is difficult. You'll get pro-level makeup quickly with the help of these key tips. But keep in mind that everything requires patience and practice, so don't be too hard on yourself and keep in mind that even professionals are always picking up new skills.

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