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Why Luxury, High-End Beauty Is Built For & Owned By Black Women

PhenomenalMAG Staff  |  Beauty Babes & Bosses

Luxury cosmetics have long given the impression that they were created only for and by white people. Those that cater exclusively to that crowd, however, are missing out on a sophisticated, devoted market that is growing daily.

The transformation has been abundantly obvious as prosperous young Black women spend their hard-earned money on high-end items, and then post them all over social media. In short, Black folks are the future of opulent beauty, and Black women beauty brand owners are poised to dominate this emerging space. Below, several of them break down how they view the concept of Black luxury in beauty.

BREAD Beauty Supply's creator, Maeva Heim says: “We're not for everyone, and we don't want to be, unlike some of these new "all-inclusive" brands. To me, luxurious Black beauty is something that has that charm and is produced by a Black person. Black Excellence, Authenticity, Integrity, and Rich Founder Stories are all present in Black Beauty. We provide BIPOC customers the chance to see themselves more accurately reflected in beauty offers by celebrating the beauty of inclusion.”

In the nail, beauty, and fashion industries, Pear Nova has filled a vacuum. “It is amazing to see more brands made by people of color occupying space on beauty stores shelves.”

For Black owned and founded beauty brands, Moodeaux is dedicated to improving industry equity. “Ninety percent of the businesses we represent were founded by BIPOC entrepreneurs that wanted to make beauty goods for everyone.

“These companies have significant narratives to share, and they value variety for its beauty. A shift in lifestyle and mentality is at the heart of luxury. We want others to understand that you deserve healthy, clean beauty that lasts, smells fantastic, eases your pain points, and serves as a constant reminder of your deservingness. Our products have a market from a growing number of people, people, and businesses who are looking to help us.

Luxury Black Beauty is glorious because it prioritizes and caters to the specific needs, goals, and aspirations of Black consumers. It means innovative branding, a selection of carefully thought-out product lines, premium packaging, and high-quality ingredients presented in an environment where Black consumers are recognized and appreciated. Plus, more companies and goods that target previously untapped and unappreciated demographics are the way Black luxury will develop in the future.

Black startups frequently encounter challenges including having trouble securing space with shops and having to work considerably harder to get editors to take notice of your brand.

Without our own online presence and the capacity to design goods that are targeted to a market that the beauty industry had largely overlooked, Bouclème's success would not have been conceivable. Luxury in the cosmetics industry should include higher concepts, high-quality ingredients, demonstrated efficacy, and of course, aspirational appeal. It's the ultimate indulgence in something that not only enhances your appearance but also your overall well-being. A collective voice is to blame for the increase in luxury boutiques carrying Black brands. Many of these organizations are led by a younger generation that is more than willing to hear the demand for diversity.

According to Daniessa Myricks, founder of Danessa Beauty, "Luxury Black Beauty" means products that are intentionally made with melanin in mind -- which is quite uncommon right now. Now that these treatments are melanin-safe, clinical trials will be properly conducted on individuals with skin tones that are darker than three on the Fitzpatrick scale. “I wanted to design a line that was accessible to everyone, regardless of color or gender.

“Everybody has a different skin type, and everything is about skin kinds. My experience as a Black female founder in LA has been completely different from my bi-racial experience in upstate New York. I want to help you achieve the most beautiful, bright skin possible by providing answers and simple skin care products. I observed all of the great transformational results of retinol when I first started out as an esthetician while I was working for a doctor. I made the decision to create my own formula, Retinol Reform, which is highly powerful but doesn't have any negative side effects.”

It has become the go-to serum that my clients adore because it has been clinically shown to address a variety of anti-aging issues, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, dullness, and even loss of firmness. “I'm hoping that whatever success I have will help other Black female founders gain the recognition they merit from banks, investors, and merchants,” Myricks continued.

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