I Am, Phenomenal, Magnificent, And Gorgeous!

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PhenomenalMAG (IAmPMAG) is a fashion and lifestyle conscious digital brand, whose sole purpose is dedicated to being the PULSE of The Phenomenal, The Magnificent, & The Gorgeous! 

We are the authoritative powerhouse of the Black woman’s living legacy.  At the heart of IAmPMAG lies a sense of ‘Empowerment,’ ‘Style,’ and ‘Culture,’ making it the premier destination and inner guide for staying informed on topics that matter the most.

It is IAmPMAG's virtue and badge of honor to lead with passion and aspire Black woman to take charge and challenge the status quo, execute and conquer their wildest dreams, to break glass ceiling while creating opportunities for success, and to elevate the conversation of Black Excellence.

"Phenomenal" beauty is unusually rare, extraordinary and unparalleled, and Phenomenal women embody it in mind, body, and spirit. We express our fabulous creativity through fashion, honor our bodies through fitness and beauty, and empower our communities through our chosen fields of service; whether as entrepreneurs, executives, educators, entertainers or caregivers.

As Phenomenal women, we carry ourselves regally, but without arrogance, pursue our dreams with passion and purpose, and encourage others to reach their full potential. We hold our heads high, knowing that our beauty can never be contained nor controlled by global industry nor artistry. We go forth boldly, understanding that we are natural trendsetters and world influencers. Best of all, we share our joy, which illuminates us from within and brightens the spirits of those around us.

At IAmPMAG, we realize that many women strive every day to feel beautiful and confident. We believe you deserve to be acknowledged, encouraged and reminded of all of the incredible qualities you already possess. IAmPMAG is committed to building up "Phenomenal Black Beauties" by giving you a voice and stimulating you to seize and capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way.


Inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou's poem "Phenomenal Woman," Phenomenal's mission is to celebrate true Black beauty and elevate the way the world -- and Black women ourselves -- define it.